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A Hidden Oasis


Nestled in a forested fold of the New River Valley, Yellow Sulphur Springs Healing Spa will refresh your mind and restore your soul. Just a few minutes drive from the busy routine, Yellow Sulphur Springs feels a world away.

A Hidden Oasis - Yellow Sulphur Springs Healing SpaAfter your healing treatment, we invite you to linger on our hidden acres. Stroll among the historic buildings. Meander along the creek. Walk through the woods on fallen leaves. Pause by the pond to admire the goldfish. Give yourself up to the quiet rhythm of an old tire swing. Or simply rest in the gazebo, enjoying the chatter of the birds, the burble of the creek and … very little else.

Yellow Sulphur Springs is truly a place apart, a retreat from the flurry of everyday. And it won’t take you all day to get here.

We hope to see you soon.

THE Yellow Sulphur Spring
THE Yellow Sulphur Spring

The spring waters flow out of a pipe underneath the Italiante Gazebo. A 2005 analysis of the water revealed it to be rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and sulfate. It comes out of the ground at about 54 degrees farenheit (12.6 C).

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