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NADA – AcuDetox Trainings and Events

Victoria Taylor has been a NADA AcuDetox Specialist since 2002.  She supervises several programs in the New River Valley and surrounding areas.  She is a Registered Trainer of the technique and has trained over 200 clinicians from Virginia, West Virginia, Tennesse, and the Carolinas in the protocol and the Spirit of NADA.

2023 Center for Rural &
Community Health NADA Training. 

“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your ADS training, offering acudetox in my community continues to be such a blessing for me.” from a former student 3/2020




**Contact Victoria to schedule a training in your area.***



Enhance your results, include acu-detox

Led by Victoria Taylor, Lic Ac, NADA RT

TUITION is 500.00 which includes all course materials, training and membership fees. Incorporating the Acu-Detox skills into your skill base supports your professional work.

As a counselor, social worker, nurse, psychologist, case manager, medical doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, or other service provider you are invited to this NADA Acu-Detox Specialist (ADS) Training.

Contact Victoria directly for information about upcoming courses and registration information.


Victoria is also the creator of the educational initiative which serves to educate the public about the use of magnetic beads and natural seeds on ear points to enhance well being.

The use of NADA Acupuncture Detoxification protocol is commonly referred to as: “acudetox,” acupuncture detoxification, five point ear acupuncture protocol, five needle protocol, the 5NP. Application of the NADA Protocol includes, but is not limited to chemical dependency intervention, substance detoxification, addiction recovery support, mental health recovery, acute trauma situations, trauma (PTSD) recovery.

Individuals in the Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist training learn to apply sterile single use needles superficially at five designated points on each ear. The client then sits quietly with the needles, 30-45 minutes. Ordinarily clients sit in groups while undergoing the treatment. This effect is known as “group Qi.”

The attitude of the clinician providing the needling is a key element of the NADA protocol. Specific qualities of behavior and attitude learned by the ADS trainee serve to support a clinical milieu consistent with what is known as the Spirit of NADA.

The NADA Protocol functions effectively as an adjunct within comprehensive treatment programs. The 5NP therapeutic effect supports other therapeutic elements including counseling, education, family involvement, mutual support groups, and supportive medical health care. Client benefit in many settings: inpatient, outpatient, incarceration, shelters, harm reduction street outreach, trauma scenes. Among the benefits reported by both clients and clinicians are reductions in cravings, anxiety, sleep disturbance and need for pharmaceuticals. Other benefits reported by both clients and clinicians are improved program retention, and a more optimistic and cooperative attitude toward the process of recovery.

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