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Four Ways Acupuncture Can Improve Men’s Health

Four Ways Acupuncture Can Improve Men’s Health

Some men might not consider acupuncture as a first resort when wanting a health reset, but acupuncture can be a great way to deal with some of the issues that come with getting older. There are certainly more than four, but here are the top four ways acupuncture can improve men’s health. 

  1. Reducing Stress

Many lifestyle factors can help in reducing stress levels. What many may not understand is how effective acupuncture can be at helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Acupuncturists can stimulate specific points on the body which can release endorphins that produce a calming effect on the nervous system. 

  1. Reducing Chronic Pain

A study published in the journal Pain Medicine, showed that acupuncture was found to decrease pain intensity and frequency for people suffering from chronic low back pain. And this reduction in pain was seen after just one treatment session. Most patients experience relief with multiple sessions over several weeks, depending on the severity of the pain condition.

Studies have shown that acupuncture reduces inflammation, increases strength, improves range of motion and flexibility and can stimulate tissue repair. 

  1. Improving Sleep Quality

Sleep is an essential component to good health as it allows our bodies to recover and heal. Men can struggle with achieving good sleep patterns due to high testosterone levels. Regular acupuncture treatment addresses the underlying causes of poor sleep and can help men get a better night’s rest for up to six months post-treatment in some cases.

  1. Improving Fertility

Fertility issues tend to be a more talked about issue with women but men can also suffer from infertility problems. Research shows that as many as one in six couples have trouble conceiving and up to half of infertility issues are attributed to the male. Acupuncture can play a major role in helping to boost sperm quality, quantity, motility, and vitality. Acupuncture can also address low testosterone levels which can help with semen production, sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. 

Acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners also have an understanding of the importance of the kidneys in sexual function and fertility issues. A kidney imbalance can contribute to a variety of issues and regular acupuncture treatments can be a great benefit to men.

These are not the only four benefits acupuncture can bring to improve men’s health but they are the most frequent reasons men seek out acupuncture. Make sure you share any additional health concerns with your acupuncturist, as they can address a variety of issues including nutrition, allergies, blood pressure, and prostate issues just to name a few. Make your appointment today and get a thorough health intake to address your concerns and get back on the road to health and wellness! 

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