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Come on out to the Springs for a wonderful day of music and fellowship.


Arrive anytime after 1:00 – yoga, acupuncture, chanting, Birdsong exploration, dinner, Kirtan.



Tickets (30.00) may be purchased here and onsite



MIDSUMMER SOUNDS – July 14, 2018

Midsummer Sounds 1

Join us for a wonderful day of nature, healing, and sacred music.

Secure your spot !  Link to registration on the right.

Easy Does It Meditation

There is a large variety of meditation to choose from. It isn’t all just sitting cross-legged with your eyes shut. Let’s explore types of meditation.

Types of meditation include Buddhist practices, transcendental, zen, mantra, chakra, sound, guided and active. How can someone choose where to start? Think about the type of person you are overall, the amount of time and dedication you have, and where your interests lie. What do you intend to get out of meditation? continue reading »

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